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 Signature Shop

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PostSubject: Signature Shop   Sat Feb 07, 2009 5:30 pm

Welcome to the Fallen Legends signature shop!

What to do:
* PM your Desired Author with the provided form filled out.
* Make sure the author has agreed to be part of this. (check below for list of authors and a link to a gallery of there work.)
* If your request doesn't get filled within a week, you may re-send the request.
* Enjoy your new sig!

Form to fill:
Dimensions: (Width in pixels x Height in pixels)
Color Scheme: (Main colors)
Theme: (Renders, etc.)
Text: (what text you would want)
Font: (Provide link or give a general idea)
Complexity: (How complex you want the signature, minimal or really in depth)
Matching Avatar: (Yes or No, be sure to specify avatar dimensions unless you want it 100x100)

Raz: Gallery
Aaron: Gallery
EvenAngels: Gallery

If you make Sigs and want your name on the list, just PM me with a link to your gallery.



Moderator Note:
Feel free to comment on Sigs, or if you have a question about them, or if you'd like to say thanks to one of the Authors go ahead and feel free to post in this topic, But All Requests Are Handled through PM.
~ Raz
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Signature Shop
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