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 Skinwalkers: The Introduction

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PostSubject: Skinwalkers: The Introduction   Fri Apr 10, 2009 12:00 am

Of all the supernatural beings in this world, the skinwalker is by far the rarest. Unlike Ghosts or vampires, it does not require death, and it is not spread like were-creatures. No one is sure of why a man is born a skinwalker, and no one has ever become one throughout their lifetimes; only those born with the gift will ever have it. By far the most favourable condition, the ability to turn into any animal on this earth is a coveted gift by the few who know of it, and more so by the fewer who have it.

When I was younger, my gift manifested itself, and changed my life irrevocably. Here is my story…

I sat bolt upright. Not a noise could be heard, except the ticking of my bedroom clock, not an image in the black except the beam of light shining from the gap between my curtains. My eyes began to adjust to reveal the details of my room: A Metallica poster, shelves, clothes scattered about the floor- nothing strange, nothing different. I could not recall why I was sitting bolt upright and covered in cold sweat. Then the images, smells and sounds of my dream began to slip back into my mind. Flying like a hawk, running like a wolf… It was as if I was these animals, and it seemed so real, too real. Then I began to notice things that were wrong. The window was open. I was sitting on top of my quilt. I had a cut on my cheek. I looked at the clock. 5:15 am. I needed to get some sleep.

It continued in this manner for two months. My grades slipped, I became withdrawn from those around me, I was permanently tired, I felt as if I was falling apart. My life will be long, but I doubt it will feel as long as those days were.

Then one night, it was different. I awoke as normal, in the small hours of the morning, and as normal I tried to get underneath my covers and get some sleep. However, as I attempted to grasp the edge of my covers I discovered I could not hold it. I looked at my hand. To my horror, I found I was staring at not a hand, but a paw. The paw of a wolf. I looked at the rest of my body and it was all the same. I was a wolf. I shut my eyes very tightly, and wished that I were no longer a wolf. I opened my eyes. I felt it this time. I was a cat.

This was going to take some work.
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Skinwalkers: The Introduction
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