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PostSubject: Tuurngait   Wed Apr 15, 2009 10:22 pm

If you are reading this letter, then that could mean 2 things. Either they found a way to counter the Tuurngait... or you're in yhe same sorry situation that I was at the time of writing. My name s Jefferson Garrings. I am, or was, a scientist at this facility. Origionally we were looking into recent discoveries of strange animals and seemingly hostile plant life. We discovered many great things in our research, but it all came with a price.

After extensive research into these bizarre abnormalities, we became curious as to what caused it. A mining operation was set up to look for any signs that may have become buried over time. A few month's after the initial execution of the dig, a few miners had reported a find. A sort of cavern, complete with stone architecture, was uncovered. At first, we all thought it was a tomb or ancient mausoleum, but that didn't last long. Shortly after uncovering it, it was sealed off completely for reasons not explained to us. Rumors were saying that all the minors that uncovered it, and everyone on the team that had investigated it had been acting strange and exhibiting a range of symptoms that do not add up to any nown sickness today. Deja vu, mental incapacity, hallucinations, and paranoia are said to be a few of the symptoms. Little did we know at the time, this was the start of all this horror.

Everyone mentioned had been put in quarentine. hey were watched closely, studied, and put through a series of tests. Then, it would seem, they all died. Before their death, however, each and everyone of them had experienced hallucinations in which they under went a series of trials, only to be swallowed by a huge worm.

A week after this incident, a new safety protocol was initiated. Each employee was issued a small syanide pill and was debriefed on what to do if any of us were to experience light headedness and/or mental incapacitation. It would seem that the cave or whatever it really was, was not a mausoleum. Looking back on it, all I could think is that it was a prison. A holding cell for that damned parasite.

Well, for about almost another month, everything went fine. An incident here or there, and only once had there been someone to ingest the cyanide pill. There was one guy who did in fact make it through the hallucination. Unlike the others, he survived. But, he had changed somehow. Different in many ways. I know this because we were good friends. He would get moments of dizziness where he couldn't walk, or even register what people were saying. He would scream at voices that weren't there. And at times, he would panic as if he was being attacked by something that didn't exist. After one of his apparent hallucinations, he was found in a corner, with his knee's tucked up to his chin, rocking back and forth saying, "Red. Red. It's all red. Everything is red. Red. RED!"

Whatever happened to him, one thing was clear: You're better off dead than surviving the hallucination riddle.

Well, that's not true. Dying in it changes you as well. In ways to horrible to describe. Not that I want to.

Anyways, a report had come ine that there was a disaster in one of the tunnels. A crazed minor had collapsed a bunch of tunnels with high amounts of explosives. He then ran off and hadn't been seen after. he was saying, "Red. Red. Red."

Soon after, more and more tunnels had collapsed. And each of them due to crazed minors. All of them survivors of the hallucination. At the same time all of this was happening, there was an incident down at the morue as well. Everyone who worked in there was found dead, and all the bodies of those who died from the hallucination were missing. The tunnel entrance nearest to the morgue had been burst open, and, like the morgue, had bodies in the path between the morgue and the enterance to the tunnels. What was really disturbing was that each and every body looked as if they wrestled a bear.

At the time, no one could make sense of such a thing. How could any group of people pull of something so sick and disturbing without anyone else knowing. Well, actually, no one did.Looking back, it's clear that it was the damned Tuurngait! The parasites took control of the bodies. It was the dead that did it!

As if things weren't already going downhill, they really started to freefall now. Within the week, dozens of minors turned up dead the same way the morgue people were. There were sightings of strange creatures. Some of them were quadraped and ran from light; others, well, we bipedal and holding things like flashlights and mining equipment. All the creatures were white, and looked as if they had no eyes.

Then, one day after my shift, I was in my quarters looking over my research into pulsing, egg-like objects found on the walls of some of the tunnels, when the power went out. All the doors are mechanical so I was trapped. I still am. I've been in this room since, writing this letter to let anyone who finds it know what happened. Under the only source of light, a small flashlight. The battery is dying, oxygen is running out, and I'm hearing frighteningly disturbing noises outside the door, and what sounds like someone trying to get in. I don't have much time, so this is the least I can do. And remember, avoid the Tuurngait at all costs. Or else you may end up like me.
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