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PostSubject: Dragoon   Wed Apr 15, 2009 10:23 pm

You awaken from eternal slumber. Death's embrace has released you. No. Forced off of you. You're aware of your existence. But you can't see. Can't feel. Can't smell. Can't taste. Can't hear. Nothing. But you are aware.

Suddenly, you start to hear. One sense has returned. But all you hear is machinery. Beeping and humming. What's going on?

Then. Instantly, you're vision returns. Full, but... different. Very different. It's unnatural. As if being projected through a digital screen. You can't blink. Why blink when you have no eyes?

Another minute of beeping and humming passes. You sway. Drop like a weight just came thrashing down upon you. You rise. In complete control. Fully in command of your... body? What are you?

Looking around, you examine your surroundings. A factory. Already confused, you look at yourself. Four legs. But... mechanical? Jutting from your... cylindrical body?!

Realization crashes upon you like a raging hurricane.

You have been recreated. Reborn. To fight one more battle. To die one more honorable death.

A loud hiss. Blinding light appears in front of you. Yet, for all it's brightness, you can see. You lurch forward. One mechanical step at a time. Lurch toward the light that should be blinding.

Your foot hits solid ground. Blinding light turns into clear blue skies. All around you are trees. Strange things. Brown-blue bark that twists like screws out of the ground. And in front of you, gold. two smooth golden claws jutting from the ground. Perfect in symmetry and elegant in design. And in the center, blue. A beautiful hue of lighted mist flow from the claws. Twisting and warping in on itself. pulling towards the center like the center of a whirlpool. Nothing new to you.

You head towards it. Fully aware of what it is. What you must do.

Stepping into the beautiful hurricane, you fell a strange tingling. Suddenly, a rapid pull on you're entire body. Like a black holes' maelstrom, it pulls you in. engulfing you in blue light for a fraction of a second.

You emerge. Ash. Fire. Smoke clouded skies. Skeletons. Blood. Everywhere you look. Perfect.

You reach out with your mind. Tapping the mental link you've known since birth. You reach a familiar feeling.

"I have returned."
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