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PostSubject: Zerg   Wed Apr 15, 2009 10:24 pm

They are near. The Chattering and clicking of something terrible grow loud. They come. They come over ashen hills. They come over bloody oceans. Driven by urge, impulse and the will to murder. The endless swarm. A sea of angry flesh. The soulless minions of the great and horrible Overmind. One brain. One will. One murderous instinct.

Like a nightmare come true. You pray. You pray to any God you hope is there. You pray to wake up. But alas, it's not a dream. The essence of terror, of horror and of fright is afore you. Surrounding you. Consuming all in it's path like an endless flood. Consuming joy and optimism like fire to oil. An unstoppable wall of death. Ever moving and changing shape.

They are upon you. You cry out. Cry to a savior you long to come rescue you. To a hope of a second chance. To nothing. Their talons; their scythes; their twisted weapons of flesh and bone dig into you. Effortlessly like a knife through warm butter. Torn apart by flawless appendages of unspeakable malevolence.

Eye sight fades. Death looms over you like a dark cloud. Waiting to suck the last bits of life out of your mangled body. But in the rapids of the tide of flesh, a lone figure stands. A disturbing entity. A demonic shape. A being once human.

Your final moments are upon you. The figure is gone. And like a flash, there once again. Closer. Staring into your eyes. Past your eyes. Into your mind. Corrupting your thoughts. Slowing your death only to torment you further. Filling your brain with all things horrible. And once sanity abandons you, it releases you to deaths cold embrace.

It moves on. She moves on. Ever searching for the next pitiful victim. Her past screams at her in the back of her mind. She ignores it. For that is not who she is anymore. She's different. Changed. Perfected. She is Kerrigen. She is the Queen of Blades. The Queen of the Swarm. Who forever hungers to kill.
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