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PostSubject: Insanity   Wed Apr 15, 2009 10:24 pm

It begins much like a ring. It starts in your ear. A funny little ring. A bothersome little ring. As time passes, it grows louder. Bugging you like a gnat in your face. You brush it off only for it to return all the more annoying. More time. Even louder than before. Desperate, you start scratching at your face. Damnit, why won't it stop?

Suddenly, it does. Silence. Ah, the golden sound of silence. But what's this? A voice? What is it saying? You can't hear it.

"Rip them, maim them, kill them!"

The sound hits you like a truck without brakes.

"Rip them, maim them, kill them!"

It's deftening in your ears. It screams at you. Commands you. But where is it from?

"Rip them, maim them, kill them!"

Sounds of agony leave your mouth as you tear at your face. Trying so desperately to get at this painful sound. To rip it out of your head. You start thrashing about. Hitting the walls. Clawing your face. Pulling your hair. Trying everything in your power to make it stop.

"It's them! Get them! They're after you! Get them before they get you! Rip them, maim them, kill them!"

You scream in defiance. You mustn't give in. Never to do as it asks. A slicing pain, much like a razor, shoots down your spin. It hits every nerve, every cell in your body as it's commanding voice orders.

"What are you waiting for? Rip them, maim them, kill them ALL!!!!"

Torture so painful you fall to your knees. Tears flow like a waterfall as you give in. Anything to stop the pain. Stop the voice. Shut it up for good. You reach for a brick as consiousness abandones you.

You come to. Silence. Beautiful, lovely, silence. But who's that? Who're they? Are they dead? How'd they die? Scared, you run. Afraid that the killer may come after you. You run. Oblivious to the blood on your hands. To the brick you still carry.

Days later. All is well. A beautiful, sunny, summer day, in a busy city park. The sun shines, the sky is blue, and.... what's this in your ear? My, what a funny little ringing.
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